Call of Duty Promod

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Future plans and direction of Promod

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for visiting the Promod website. This really means a lot to me (Ingram) and probably Trivve, that after 5 years of Call of Duty 4, there are still people interested in Promod.

Maybe some of you know that I stopped active development a while ago for undisclosed period of time, only offering critical bugfixes. I would like to change that.

I know that the website has been promising something new for about half a year soon. What happened then, was that I took over the domain and moved the host to Estonia as abhi did not want to pay for it anymore.

Call of Duty has gone pretty much downhill on PC platform due to sub-par releases by Infinity Ward/Treyarch -- the numbers don't lie. Console players (the targeted audience) are doing rather great so I don't see this changing any time soon. Call of Duty 4 looks to be still doing better than some of the newer games (you can check Call of Duty 2 as well, not bad at all!).

When Infinity Ward finally finishes looking into offering mod tools and support for Call of Duty Ghosts and delivers them, then I don't mind developing Promod for that game. Even if they don't want add new features to their latest game, I personally would appreciate their cooperation on existing games support. But I don't expect anyone from Woodland Hills to read this message.

I've lost my touch with the leagues (rest in peace ClanBase) - probably due to lack of communcation methods and therefore I can't tell exactly what's going on there. While I get some progress reports, it's not enough. Despite this, there are still parties intrested in dealing with Call of Duty 4 (server hosts, leagues and well... Xfire), so I guess I should still work on Promod.

My idea still is to offer the Call of Duty community a resource which would be useful to the competitive PC and modding community. Perhaps also keep community modding alive - as far as I know, I'm not alone. My intentions are to invest some time into building an online infrastructure for Call of Duty Promod support (wiki, website, forum) and offer better versions of technical resources for hosting servers than we had before.

Now to Promod (no, not the French company). The mod could use a refresh from time to time so that players wouldn't get too much into their comfort zone regarding the overall difficulty of the game. I suppose that would attract old players back and perhaps also some new ones. Two keypoints here are weapon balancing and several technical gameplay related issues I've noticed over time. Having more maps in map rotation is also something I am looking into, especially the process of delivering maps to players as quickly as possible.

I don't know how much time I will have doing this, unfortunately this sort of thing doesn't pay my bills. But I'll stay true to the community spirit and won't force anyone to pay me anything. It would be nice to cover the costs of running the website somehow though.

If you support what I (plan to) do or would like to contribute in some way, please don't hesitate to contact me in any way. For example, you can use Twitter or write me at ingram . codpromod [├Ąt] com

Happy Holidays!

Indrek 'Ingram' Ardel